Air Conditioning Installation

While air conditioning installation is not the most appealing purchase, a new air conditioner can transform the comfort of your home.  The Vitt comfort specialists are committed to working with homeowners on their air conditioning installation needs, and craft the best customized solution to exceed them.

Air Conditioner Installation 

Tired of fighting the St Louis humidity with a broken air conditioner?

You have made the decision it is time for a new air conditioner for your St Louis home.  Now comes the decision on deciding which air conditioner you want to purchase and which St Louis company you would like to handle the installation.  Vitt Heating and Cooling is a premier American Standard Customer Care dealer meaning exceed the highest quality of American Standard Dealers in the country.  What that means to our customers is that we are trained and educated on all of the American Standard air conditioner units, and how to best recommend St Louis air conditioner solutions to our customers.  If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, consider working with Vitt by clicking here to request an online appointment or calling us at (314)351-5580.


Heat Pump Installation

As the St Louis HVAC industry becomes more energy efficient by the day, so do heat pumps

A heat pump can lower the energy bills for a St Louis home instantly by using less energy to keep your home cool.  Unlike a traditional AC unit that generates and pumps cool air into your St Louis home, a heat pump simply removes the hot air out of your home.  Over the last decade, Vitt has seen the negative stereotypes associated with a heat pump systems disappear as American Standard heat pumps and other heat pump manufacturers continue to find ways improve their performance in extreme temperatures and help lower the cost of air conditioning installation.  If you would like a quote on a new St Louis heat pump system, give us a call today at (314)351-5580.


Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Why Ductless Air Conditioning Can Make Sense for St Louis Homeowners

St Louis homes have very unique and traditional architecture.  This can create challenges for St Louis HVAC companies and homeowners when installing duct work.  A ductless air conditioner installation can be an affordable solution for assisting the cooling of your St Louis home.  If you are considering a room addition or adding a sun room to your home, ductless air conditioning can prevent you from having to reroute your duct work to supply cool air to that room.  Considering ductless air conditioning installation for your St Louis home?  Call Vitt today at (314)351-5580.

Air Handler Installation

No Furnace?  An Air Handler Might Make Sense for You

With many St Louis homes using a boiler system as their primary source to heat their home, an air handler is very common to pair them with.  Air handlers generally run off of electric and can be placed in a basement, crawl space, or storage closet.   If your current heat source does not use a furnace, an air handler might make sense for you.  To learn more about air handlers, give Vitt a call today at (314)351-5580.


Vitt Has Been Specializing in St Louis Air Conditioning Installation for Over 70 Years

We care about our customers and genuinely want to help St Louis residents with their AC installation.

If you get a quote from another St Louis HVAC company that you think is too high, find yourself in that grey area where you don’t know if you need a new system, or have any questions about some of the new energy efficient air conditioning options, give Vitt a call.  We have been performing air conditioning installation in the St Louis market for over three generations.  The least we can do is answer any questions you may have over St Louis Air Conditioning installation.

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