5 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund In a New HVAC System

5 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund In a New HVAC System

Every year around this time, millions of Americans wait to receive their tax refund.  A large portion depend on their refund to pay off debts.  Some like to use that extra income to plan a vacation or upgrade their home.  However, a new HVAC system is on average not very high on the list, but […]


Thermostat Thursday

Each Thursday, Jeff Vitt (Vice President of Vitt Heating and Cooling) joins us to discuss recent industry happenings throughout the HVAC industry in St Louis.  If you have a question for Jeff, feel free to submit your question through the Vitt Heating and Cooling Facebook Page for a chance to have it answered.  When submitting […]


Vitt Heating and Cooling Wins Prestigious Award

Last week at the Business Celebration Luncheon, we were honored to accept the Neighborhood Business of the Year award from Mayor Lyda Krewson.  As anyone who has done business with us in the past knows, our number one focus has been serving the very neighborhoods we have called home since 1954.  We want to thank […]


How Augmented Reality Fits Into HVAC Repair

Augmented reality, or “AR”, has been a hot topic throughout the tech industry over the last year and a half.  A lot of this buzz has been focused on the anticipated release of Apple’s new iPhone X which is set to be released this later this Fall.  Apple’s big selling point on the X model, […]


Air Duct Cleaning Should be a Top Priority Heading into Fall

As the Fall approaches, many homeowners shift their focus towards home improvement.  While most will be working on remodeling their kitchen or renovating their master bathroom, very few will be focusing on air duct cleaning.  Just like replacing your furnace filter, air duct cleaning should be a part of your routine maintenance for any home […]


The Rise of the HVAC Zone Control System

Over the last couple of years, I have been frequently asked more and more about HVAC control system installation.  A zone control system, also known as an AC zoning system, is an HVAC system divided into two or more zones throughout your home.  Using multiple thermostats or a single multi zone thermostat, homeowners can set […]


Air Conditioner Maintenance Throughout the Summer

As we enter the “Dog Days” of Summer, air conditioner maintenance is crucial for your home’s indoor air quality.  Many HVAC companies encourage customers to go through a routine AC tune up in the early Spring.  But what if after your AC tune up, you still feel as if your air conditioner is not running at […]


HVAC Installation Rebates

As Summer is quickly approaching the St Louis area, now is the perfect time to assess your HVAC system.  Each year, thousands of St Louis homeowners are forced to weigh the option of air conditioning repair vs air conditioning replacement.  At first glance, a repair totaling a thousand dollars might appear to make more sense than […]


Digital Demand is Changing How we View HVAC in St Louis MO

As more Millennials become first time home owners, a shift in how homes are built and remodeled continue to change at a rapid pace.  One of the current trends in air conditioning St Louis MO homes is being driven by the digital appetite of St Louis consumers.  What were once considered novelty gadgets by many […]


Job Outlook-HVAC Technicians

HVAC Technicians have been critical in the overall comfort of our everyday lives.  Today many of us take for granted comfortable indoor clients due to over a century of innovation in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.  HVAC Technicians have been at the forefront through all of it, and continue to evolve as […]

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