HVAC Installation Rebates

As Summer is quickly approaching the St Louis area, now is the perfect time to assess your HVAC system.  Each year, thousands of St Louis homeowners are forced to weigh the option of air conditioning repair vs air conditioning replacement.  At first glance, a repair totaling a thousand dollars might appear to make more sense than […]


Digital Demand is Changing How we View HVAC in St Louis MO

As more Millennials become first time home owners, a shift in how homes are built and remodeled continue to change at a rapid pace.  One of the current trends in air conditioning St Louis MO homes is being driven by the digital appetite of St Louis consumers.  What were once considered novelty gadgets by many […]


Job Outlook-HVAC Technicians

HVAC Technicians have been critical in the overall comfort of our everyday lives.  Today many of us take for granted comfortable indoor clients due to over a century of innovation in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.  HVAC Technicians have been at the forefront through all of it, and continue to evolve as […]


Smart Homes on the Rise in St Louis

As more Millennials become first time home owners, a shift in how homes are built and remodeled continue to change at a rapid pace.  One of the current trends in air conditioning throughout St Louis MO homes are being driven by the appetite of St Louis consumers for digital, real time integration into their HVAC system. More […]


Tips For Air Conditioning Chesterfield Homes

Chesterfield, MO continues to thrive .  Located on the western side of St Louis County, Chesterfield currently has approximately 50,000 residents.  When thinking about Chesterfield, many often refer to their prestige parks, great school districts, and upscale shopping.  Air Conditioning Chesterfield homes and businesses is usually the last thing thought about.  Today we will look […]


St Charles HVAC Trends

St Charles MO and surrounding areas continue to grow at a rapid pace.  Back when Vitt Heating and Cooling was first established, St Charles was mostly farm land.  Today, St Charles County is home to thousands of homes and businesses.  As a premier St Charles HVAC contractor, Vitt Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing highly […]


St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair

Why to Choose Vitt for St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair When your air conditioner goes down, it can be hectic trying to decide the right contractor for St Louis MO air conditioning repair.  Many homeowners either just call the first ad they see in the phone book or search “ac repair” on their computer. […]


How to Create a DIY Humidifier

When heating St Louis homes throughout a long, dry, and Winter, low humidity can become a problem.  However, there are some easy tricks that can add moisture to your home via a DIY humidifier in the event that you are not able to purchase a whole house humidifier. Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier Before we […]


The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

As the HVAC industry evolves, indoor air quality has become an area of emphasis over the last ten years.  There is a long list of harmful pollutants that make their way into your home everyday.  Creating a safeguard via an air filtration system can be essential to increasing the quality of air you and your family […]


Choosing the Best St Louis Heating and Cooling Companies

Vitt Has Been a Leader Among St Louis Heating and Cooling Companies Since 1954 St Louis Heating and Cooling Companies Are Changing Their Business Models The days of being the expert of a single home service are limited.  Just in St Louis alone, we have noticed a trend of companies providing as many home services as […]

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