home air conditioning systems

As technology improves and the standard American lifestyle becomes more stress-filled and ironically sedentary, we desire to be comfortable, especially in our own homes. Between using heating and cooling services to battle the radically temperature changing seasons, more and more people are turning to home air conditioning systems and furnaces to mediate the temperature of their homes.

Due to this desire for increased comfort, the HVAC industry has skyrocketed in recent years. Just from 2009 to 2014, the industry grew an estimated 4.1% each year. After consistently increasing in size, the entirety of the HVAC industry is worth up to $71 billion.

Even though more people want heating and home air conditioning systems in general, much of this surge in popularity can also be attested to the attention that energy consumption has gained as of late. The public is becoming more aware of the impact that energy use has on the environment. The releasing of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere has grown into a huge concern, causing people to look into more eco-friendly alternatives for many facets of their lifestyles.

Alternative fuel sources for vehicles have always been a staple of the environmental conservation movement but cutting down on energy costs is starting to work its way up. Between trading in gas powered for electric furnaces, or buying the latest energy efficient model of home air conditioning system, people are going out of their way to live more environmentally conscious lives; even if it’s just through purchasing new heating and cooling units.

However, even for those who may not be as concerned about environmentally friendly practices, the money they can save on energy efficient heating and cooling systems is incentive enough to go out and buy one. The drastic decrease in energy costs from new, more efficient air conditioners can take a huge chunk out of monthly utilities bills.

Whether it be for heating and cooling repair, or for upgrades to a newer and better air conditioner or furnace, the HVAC industry is continuously on the rise with 301,123 employed individuals and counting. As a result, home air conditioning systems will only continue to improve.