Vitt Heating & Cooling makes it a priority to offer top of the industry HVAC financing for our customers.  Often times, an air conditioning installation or furnace installation is an unexpected expense.  Which is why at Vitt Heating and Cooling, our finance team is ready to help fit you with a customized HVAC financing solution.  If you have any questions related to air conditioning financing or furnace financing, call our office today to and ask to speak to our HVAC Financing Manager at (314)351-5580.


Choosing the Best Financing for Air Conditioning Units

When considering financing for air conditioning units, there are a couple of different variables that we advise you consider.  AC unit financing is set up a lot like any other financing.  If you are assessed as a low risk borrower, your terms will be better.  Below is some advice on how to choose the best hvac financing.

  1. Know your credit score going into the process of financing a new air conditioner
  2. Ask for terms on all the options you qualify for
  3. Understand the difference between third party and manufacture financing.  (American Standard Financing, Trane Financing, Lennox Financing, etc)
  4. If you are unsure of any terms, do not be afraid to ask a professional


Can I Receive HVAC Financing with Bad Credit?

Even with a below average credit score, Vitt Heating & Cooling may have a solution for you.  Because we offer a variety of different types of HVAC Financing, we have an array of options to provide our customers when financing heating and cooling systems.  Our goal is simple.  If you are in need of an air conditioning or heating system, we want to be able to do everything we can to help you.  Call us today to learn how we can set up payment plans for air conditioners.  Our phone number is (314)351-5580.