As Summer is quickly approaching the St Louis area, now is the perfect time to assess your HVAC system.  Each year, thousands of St Louis homeowners are forced to weigh the option of air conditioning repair vs air conditioning replacement.  At first glance, a repair totaling a thousand dollars might appear to make more sense than a five thousand dollar HVAC system replacement, but there are long term factors to consider that can increase the amount you spend on an air system over time.

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There are a Variety of HVAC Installation Rebates you can Currently Qualify For

It is important to discuss available rebates with an HVAC professional while considering which type of HVAC system you are considering.  For example, as of June 2017, American Standard is currently offering a $400 rebate for a new American Standard HVAC Installation that includes an air conditioner that has a 16 SEER rating paired with an American Standard high efficiency furnace installation.  That same combination would also qualify for an additional $550 worth of Ameren Rebates.  You can also currently qualify for a total of $950 in rebates between American Standard and Ameren when installing a heat pump of 16 SEER’s or higher.  If you are not sure about which incentives are available to you when considering an air conditioning installation, do not be afraid to ask an HVAC Contractor.

Does Your Air Conditioning System Use r22 Freon?

As part of the Montreal Protocol, air conditioning manufacturers were forced to stop making air conditioners that used r22 freon to cool your home.  In tandem with the halt on r22 freon AC unit production, the Montreal Protocol also included a phase out of the actual r22 refrigerant itself.  As supply of r22 freon continues to dwindle year after year, the cost to recharge an r22 AC Unit continue to skyrocket.  This is important for many different reasons.

It is Extremely Important to Know if your Air Conditioner Runs off of r22 Freon or r410a Freon

If you currently have an r22 freon unit, it has to be at least seven years old.  The question is, how much more would you want to invest into your current hvac system knowing that the cost to repair and maintain your air conditioner will only increase over time?  Yes, you could save a little money in the short term, but the chances are the next time your AC system demands maintenance, that price may double.

r22 Freon Units are Almost Never as Efficient as AC Systems used in HVAC Installations Today

Because air conditioners that used r22 refrigerant have to be at least seven years old, there is almost a guarantee that a comparable HVAC installation today will net you better efficiency.  Today, the minimum SEER rating on an air conditioning installation is a 13 SEER.

Financing Can Help Offset Out of Pocket Costs AND Save You Money Over Time

When it comes to financing, there is a general stigma that it may help you save money in the short term, but will cost you more over the long term.  That may be true in certain circumstances, but when it comes to HVAC installation, a lot of the cost savings accumulated with the upgrade to a higher efficiency system can offset any interest paid on financing it.  This is an extremely important factor to consider when deciding between a costly repair or a new HVAC system.  If you currently have an air conditioner running on r22 refrigerant, the maintenance cost is inflated, the repair costs are only getting more expensive, and you are probably using more energy to operate it than you need to.  Over time, investing more money into that unit will only prolong the inevitable while you could be saving money each month with a high efficiency air conditioning system that you can pay for over time.