Vitt Heating & Cooling strives to provide the best customer service experience possible.  When your heating and cooling stops working, it can often be stressful.  This is why our entire team, from top down, is continually trained on how to provide solutions to any type of heating & cooling problem we encounter.  We are dedicated to making the customer experience as pleasant as possible from beginning to end.  

We Love Honest Feedback

In today’s world, online reviews are a huge part of the home service industry.  82% of HVAC customers search online before scheduling an HVAC installation quote or heating and cooling service all.  Of those 82%, 86% of them read 4 or more reviews before making a decision on who they decide to use.  As you can imagine, it is extremely important for our company to obtain credible reviews in order to be competitive.  
However, outside of the benefits related to our sales, we honestly like to know what our customers think about working with us.  It is almost impossible not to have a disgruntled customer from time to time, but we don’t necessarily look at that as a negative thing.  We look at it as an opportunity to develop internal strategies on preventing the same issue again in the future.  Would we have rather the issue been brought directly to us rather than being posted online?  Sure.  But we also understand the landscape of the internet and would rather address any disputes head-on rather than just being upset and doing nothing about it.  
The reason we are so open about this topic is because most consumers today only share about negative experiences.  If you have worked with us and had a good experience, we would love to hear about it.  Leave us a Google review by clicking on this link.


Real Reviews From Real Vitt Customers

“Vitt installed my furnace and central A/C in 2001; and it has been very reliable. Just had a furnace repair – it is 18-years-old, and this is the first time it has needed service. Eric from Vitt came out, on time (he also had called ahead to let me know he was OTW). He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He repaired the furnace quickly and competently. Vitt will continue to be my “go-to” when I need heating or A/C services.”

-Ron E.
“I have been a customer of Vitt for two years now. I first just used them for my annual tuneups, but then after we remodeled part of our basement ourselves we used VITT to move around some of our ductwork and give us advice on how to rearrange some it to suit our changes and they did a beautiful job in moving ducts and dealing with our do-it ourselves mess. They have also saved our butts from freezing twice this winter. I have an older furnace that I’m waiting to completely bite the dust since I have an insurance policy on it, and VITT has had to come do some emergency repairs when it has stopped working. They are SUPER responsive and get us in ASAP. We are VERY appreciative!! They have done a great job in everything we’ve needed them for.”
-Brittany B.
“Dylan has serviced our furnace on two occasions (the first time was when both furnaces conked out on the coldest day of the year). He is an extraordinarily competent technician with a delightful personality.”
-Scott M.
“Absolutely love Vitt Heating and Cooling. Dylan was very patient with me when I asking him all sorts of questions. I will not call anyone else for my heating/cooling/hot water heater”
-Amber H.
“The people at Vitt have helped me several times in the past couple years in St. Louis. I have a furnace/ AC on the roof of my condo. Vitt has been very good about climbing up there and servicing my unit in whatever the season. Their rates are reasonable. The work is thorough.”
-James G.
“John came out for an A/C tune-up after we closed on a new house. He was friendly and checked out the whole system before beginning work on the AC. Very knowledgeable. Will be using Vitt for any more of our heating/cooling needs.”
-Hannah M.
“My boiler went out, and I was fretting about having it fixed. Vitt had a repair tech out less than an hour after I called. The tech was friendly and professional, and I had a working system again in just under an hour. He also gave me some great tips about my radiant heat system that will help me maintain it for years to come. Thanks, Vitt!”
-Ben J.
“These guys are trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to my friends and family!”
-Alyssa R.
“Vitt arrived exactly when they said they would and were able to both correctly diagnose a tricky electrical issue and perform the repair during the appointment. Given that other companies had already misdiagnosed the issue, this was impressive and saved us an unnecessary system replacement!”
-Scott J.
“Had a wonderful experience. Was able to get an appointment the same day. Rick was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Even before the appointment my questions were answered by Lisa over the phone.”
-Jenn N.
“I like to do as many of my own home repairs as possible and recently had my furnace stop working. My cousin works for Spire and we were able to determine it was an easy fix, just needed a new ignitor. I tried calling several wholesalers in the area who would only deal with contractors. I spoke to a number of contractors to see if I could buy the part from them and Vitt was the only one to work with me. Not only did they get the part for me, but they gave me several phone calls to update the status of the part. For someone whose furnace is broken in freezing temperatures this was very reassuring. The next time I find myself in over my head, this will be my go to shop for everything HVAC. The customer service was perfect!”
-Andrew N.
“I can always rely on Vitt Heating and Cooling to be professional, arrive on time and get the job done. They are so friendly and I have been a happy customer for more than 10 years in two different homes.”
-Mary T.
“No question Vitt deserves 5 stars. Every aspect of our experience with these guys has been terrific, and we fully recommend them. Fair prices, flexible problem solving, prompt, courteous, professional service, etc. I have been more impressed with Vitt than with many other (more expensive) contractors. Many thanks to everyone over there, particularly Ben, Jerry, and Jess, who consistently went out of their way to make sure everything came together perfectly.”
-David L.