home air conditioning installation

With summer’s hottest months getting closer by the day, many big-city residents are getting ready to dust off their window-mounted home air conditioning systems. Because most city residences and apartments aren’t equipped with central air conditioning, these window-mounted units are vital to staying cool during the summer.

And while it’s a relatively unlikely occurrence, window-mounted air conditioning units still pose a safety risk to pedestrians walking the city streets below. As a result, it’s your responsibility to make sure you safely perform your home air conditioning installation this spring.

Properly installing your air conditioning unit will help it last as long as possible, as well — a properly-installed and maintained air conditioner can last as long as 12 to 15 years.

Here’s a look at the three most important things to keep in mind as you install your window-mounted air conditioner:

Secure the air conditioner in place
Before installing any air conditioner, be sure it has enough cooling capacity to adequately cool the room in which it’s located. If you need to get more air circulation going and reduce the amount of strain on your air conditioner, use ceiling fans or box fans. To secure the air conditioner in place, the unit should be braced from underneath with metal brackets, mounting rails or similar forms of support.

Follow your building’s installation guidelines
Each residential building has a unique set of codes and guidelines surrounding window-mounted air conditioners. Before starting on your home air conditioner installation, consult with your landlord on these guidelines. For example, many buildings require that all air conditioners be installed by a professional, but some don’t — it’s essential to know what your building will allow.

If you have doubts, consult heating and cooling contractors
If you’re uncertain about your installation, it’s important that you consult with a qualified heating and cooling professional who can help you install it properly. It’s always better to have it done right than to have your air conditioner fall out of your window onto the street below. About 301,123 people work in the heating and cooling industry across the country, so you should have no shortage of choices available to you.

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