St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair

Why to Choose Vitt for St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner goes down, it can be hectic trying to decide the right contractor for St Louis MO air conditioning repair.  Many homeowners either just call the first ad they see in the phone book or search “ac repair” on their computer.  At Vitt Heating and Cooling, we encourage our customers to research St Louis HVAC Contractors based on their specialties and experience specifically related to St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair.


What Makes St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair Different From  AC Repair in Other Markets?

St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair differs from AC repair in other markets due to a variety of factors.  As everyone from St Louis, MO knows, our Winters can be brutally cold and Summers can be blistering hot.  In addition to the temperature, the moisture levels in the St Louis, MO area fluctuate dramatically as well.  When the weather is cold, we experience extremely dry air.  When the weather is warm, the humidity soars through the roof.  These changes in weather can make it extremely difficult on your air conditioning unit.  Add the fact that St Louis, MO weather is also very unpredictable, and you find yourself in a scenario when you are constantly going from “heat” to “cool” throughout the Spring and Fall.


Things to Look For When Choosing a St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

Most St Louis homeowners have been there.  You flip the switch to “cool” on your thermostat for the first time in the Spring, and you quickly realize your home is not cooling properly.  Now what?  The first question you ask is “How much does air conditioning repair cost?”  Before having a chance to research a reputable HVAC Contractor, you search “AC Repair St Louis” on your phone and call the first business you see.  In our 70+ year experience in this industry, we advise customers to take a little time to research a couple of St Louis MO Air Conditioning Contractors before making a decision on who to call.  Below is a short list of items we recommend confirming before making a decision on a St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair Company.

  1. Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau and do they hold an A+ rating?
  2. Have they been in business in the St Louis area for over 10 years?
  3. Do they service the brand of air conditioner you need repair for?
  4. How do their online reviews rank with other St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair companies?
  5. Do they roll their diagnostic fees into the overall service bill?


Is Vitt the Right St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair Contractor For You?

For over 70 years, our main focus at Vitt Heating and Cooling is customer satisfaction.  When you set an appointment to have one of our highly trained repair technicians come to your home to fix your air conditioner, Vitt makes it their #1 priority to service your HVAC system fast, efficiently, and affordably.  If you are in the market for St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair, call Vitt Heating and Cooling today at (314)351-5580.


Reasons to Choose Vitt for your St Louis MO Air Conditioning Repair

  • We carry an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Our Air Conditioning Repair Service Technicians are highly trained, insured, professional and certified to service all makes and models of AC units
  • Vitt takes a consultant approach to St Louis MO air conditioning repair by helping lay out all options to customers

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