air conditioning repair

One thing is for sure — being hot and sticky is the worst part about the summer. At least in the winter, you can pull on an extra sweater and swaddle yourself in a blanket. But in the oppressive heat of the summer, it often feels like there is no way to keep cool. The beautiful sun and green grass hardly seem worth it when you’re sluggish and lethargic.

That’s why having functioning home air conditioning systems is of the utmost importance, especially in the heat of the summer. Air conditioning is almost sacred during these times, which is why it’s important to maintain your system! Check out these tips and tricks for keeping the cool air blowing through your house all summer long and to avoid A/C repair:

    • Use ceiling fans, whole house fans, and box fans in addition to air conditioning — you’ll be surprised how amazingly quickly your house gets cool. And, you won’t have to run your air conditioner for as long.


    • Make sure you have the proper clearance — there should be two feet around air conditioning units and heat pumps alike. In addition, all of the registers and vents from which the cool air is coming should be completely clear. That way, you don’t block the air flow, thereby placing unnecessary strain on your HVAC system. If you leave them blocked, you may need air conditioning repair services.


    • Seal all the cracks! A lot of heat and cool air can escape out of the tiny nooks, crannies, and cracks near your floor and by your moldings. Sealing the windows can also keep in valuable cool air. Of course, never leave your windows open when the air conditioner is running.


  • Install blinds — the sunlight streaming into your home also heats it up much faster than you’d think. Block the sun’s rays and reduce the heat by installing thick blinds or drapes

Air conditioning is a true God-send when it’s hot and humid, and not just in your home. Packard was the first car manufacturer to incorporate air conditioning into their cars, way back in 1936, and boy did they have the right idea! Don’t hesitate to get air conditioning repair if your unit isn’t functioning properly — or, if you still don’t have one, call a home air conditioning service for home air conditioning installation as soon as possible.